Sex position #43. Submissive

Sex position #43 - Submissive. (doggy style, from behind, kneeling, rear entry). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image

To get more pleasure from a sexual contact, it is necessary to alternate tenderness and brutality in sex, caress your partner, change tactics and alternate whip and carrot, it works. A woman stands on one knee and leans forward as much as possible, bending her elbows and making stress on them. The man is located to his female partner so that her stretched leg is between his legs, one hand he puts on her hip of the leg, bent in knee, the other hand is on the back of his darling, which he can stroke in the process.

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  1. NISHA

    wow tried this was amazing !!!!!!!!!!

    1. vipul

      try with me babe…………u will really get the real pleasure

  2. Lucky

    I have already tried these

  3. Shino

    Looks fire on fire

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