Sex position #12. Whisper

Sex position #12 - Whisper. (blowjob, lying down, oral sex). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image

Very gently and very sweetly caress his penis with your mouth, the male partner will be crazy about your efforts, especially in this position, where he simply lies down and enjoys. The man lies down on the pillow with his back, so that he was in the half-sitting position, arms are stretched along the body, legs are straight, driven apart. The woman lies on her stomach, her face is in front of the male partner’s penis, with her hands she helps to caress his penis, legs are together and bent in knees. The man can move his female partner’s head, take her by hair or just watch the admirable picture.

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  1. brightness

    Comment…ey a the best positions wanna spice up ma sex life

  2. Ivan cotterill

    I love it

  3. Ivan cotterill


  4. Reese


  5. Abu

    That’s nice

  6. Luis Alejandro Rodriguez

    like it

  7. Jalen

    Perfect for looking at your partners sexy feet.

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